Help End the Death Penalty in Ohio

October 8, 2021 #NoDeathPenaltyOH is the official campaign to end Ohio’s death penalty. Since its reintroduction in 1981, the death penalty has proven to be an expensive, racist, arbitrary system that convicts innocent people. The death penalty, with its brutal record of racial injustice and other myriad problems, is the epitome of all that is broken […]

Written Testimony on Ohio HB No. 294

June 8, 2021 TO: Members of the Oversight Committee, Ohio House of Representatives IN OPPOSITION My name is Tammy Bennett and I am testifying on behalf of EquaSion, a Cincinnati-based, non partisan civic organization that involves more than 30 faith traditions representing 14 world religions in its efforts to promote inclusion, equity and justice for […]

EquaSion Statement in Opposition to Ohio House bills 322 and 327

September 30, 2021 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us that “Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.”  Events following the murder of George Floyd sparked an optimism that our nation was on the precipice of long overdue racial reckoning, healing and justice for all.  The images of protests across the nation showed the power of […]

Sacred Activism Alerts

An important aspect of the AMS program is its promotion of volunteer opportunities for the interfaith community (AMS Participants) to engage in sacred activism for racial justice, which includes advocating for policies and legislation which remediate systemic inequities. It informs its Participants via the issuance of “AMS Sacred Activism ALERTS.” The general public is invited to join the AMS Participants in participating in the advocacy opportunities noted below.

Taft Lecture Series: We are Called to be a Movement

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Nearly 700 people attended The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II lecture on October, 24, 2022. Barber’s remarks, which drew numerous parallels (lessons) between today’s social-political chaos and historical including biblical events, emphasized how society’s “rejected” peoples must take the lead once again to restore the moral values of our country. The “left-outs and oppressed” […]

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