The 2024 Festival of Faiths begins Sunday, August 25

About the Festival

The 7th annual Cincinnati Festival of Faiths will begin on Sunday, Aug. 25 from 12 - 5 PM at the Cintas Center, continue with online programming, and culminate with a Peace Walk on Aug. 29 from 6 - 8 PM. The festival is a celebration of all faiths where we can have fun and learn from one another. TO VOLUNTEER, SEE BELOW.

7th annual Cincinnati Festival of Faiths begins
Sunday, August 25, 2024 · 12 - 5 PM
Cintas Center · Xavier University

"The best way to accept diversity of religion is to be educated about all the different religions"


Sunday, August 25,
12 – 5 PM

Xavier University’s Cintas Center


(via Zoom):

August 26 – August 28


Thursday, August 29
6-8 PM

Ault Park

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What is the Cincinnati Festival of Faiths?

The Cincinnati Festival of Faiths is EquaSion’s annual flagship event and the city’s largest interfaith celebration. It’s a gathering of 34 faith traditions and 13 world religions from the Greater Cincinnati area. It’s an exhibition with great food and entertainment and admission is free.

This is Normal

by Isabella Daley

Out there, there is hatred.
Out there, there is fear.
There’s mistrust – not understanding.
But there’s peace and love in here.
Out there, people forget
that we should all live as one.
We’re meant to be one family
sharing one earth, one moon, one sun.
In here, this is normal
no hate, no fear abounds.

Instead of cries of anger,
we hear happy, joyful sounds.
In here, we hear “Hello!”
And greetings of “Shalom.”
This simple celebration
assures us; this, this is our home.
And, yes, the world’s a good place.
We can be kind and moral.
As we celebrate together,
We know in here, this is normal.

Written by Isabella Daley after spending the day volunteering at the first
Cincinnati Festival of Faiths on June 24, 2018.